Don’t be Fooled

This is the biggest bollocks I think. If you if you already pay more than 30 for a pair sticks you are being ripped off. 10 is good and 20 is already too expensive.

Just pick some up, feel if they are strong and a bit heavy. Then buy it. Don’t ask for advice on these things because they will show you the cheapest one, then slowly introduce you to a more expensive one, ending up at the expensive line even if it doesn’t matter.

It’s not like you are buying a wandering magic stick from the Harry Potter movies, now is it?

These are the small profit things for the shops, don’t fall for it!

McTrivan Written by:

my name is McTrivan. I play drums. I play music. I play in the band Drum Drum Drumsticks. I think we are good. I believe others think we are not yet good. I think we are cool. I believe others think we are cool as well. That is me. That is my life.