Drum Drum Drumsticks

We are doing another relaunch. We had a great time but just goofed around to much. And now we are doing it again.

You want to start your own band? Seriously it’s not that hard. If you are outgoing or not there are many ways to find yourself a band to start with. The hardest part is the traveling. Going abroad and feeling like an expat, as you will be living and working elsewhere. All the arrangements can be tough like doing research for international health insurance or even smaller things as finding a decent van to bring you from A to B.

I’ll tell you more about the band but I think it’s important you go out there and start your own.

The things you learn from being in a band is huge.

Tip 1: (More tips in the future of course!)
Go the nice, local pub where they allow people to play music. This is only if you are outgoing. Hang out a while, asks some of your mates to you. When you had a drink or two, during the break just go on, ask permission first, and start a bit of jamming. Most likely people will join and jam for a bit. Now everyone knows you play an instrument. This will open the conversation.

Difficulty level 0/5 – you just have to do it.

McTrivan Written by:

my name is McTrivan. I play drums. I play music. I play in the band Drum Drum Drumsticks. I think we are good. I believe others think we are not yet good. I think we are cool. I believe others think we are cool as well. That is me. That is my life.